What's the difference between Gamify Pro and the Kajabi community?

The Kajabi community and Gamify Pro are two distinct features with different purposes in the Kajabi platform.

The Kajabi community allows you to create a social learning environment where students can interact with each other through various social gamification elements. These elements include challenges, comments, likes, and live online meet-ups. However, the Kajabi community is currently not fully integrated within Kajabi, meaning it does not directly interact with your Kajabi courses.

Gamify Pro is a Kajabi template provided by Jiffy Courses Online, designed to implement personal gamification elements within your Kajabi course. It is fully integrated with Kajabi, allowing you to utilize features such as badges, certificates, Easter eggs, and confetti to enhance the learning experience. These personal gamification elements are strategically used to motivate and engage students, encouraging them to progress faster and achieve better results within your course.

If you wish to leverage both social and personal gamification elements, you have the option to use both the Kajabi community and Gamify Pro together.

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