When I preview my course as an admin, I cannot see all the Gamify features. How to solve this?

When you preview your course as an admin, you may not see all the Gamify features or Easter Eggs that are triggered by offers. This is because Kajabi doesn't store offer information for admin accounts.

To fully preview the course and experience all the Gamify features as a student would, you can follow these steps:

  1. Add yourself as a contact: In Kajabi, add yourself as a contact in the Contacts section.
  2. Grant yourself access to the specific offer with your course, and maybe other offers too. When you grant the offer, it is for free.
  3. Log in as a student: Open a different browser to log in to your own Kajabi website as a student. This will simulate the experience of a real student accessing the course. Do not use the same browser or an incognito screen, because Kajabi will mess up your log-in details as a student with your admin details.

By granting yourself the appropriate offers and logging in as a student, you can fully view and experience the Gamify features and locked content within the course, providing a more accurate representation of what your students will see and experience.

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