Can badges be granted retroactively?

If you create a badge in a course that is already running, will the students get the badge if they have already achieved the qualification?

In Gamify Pro, badges are linked to offers. If an offer is already granted to a student, the badge will show up for them.

However, if the offer is triggered by an automation, such as the completion of a lesson, and the student has already viewed that lesson before the automation was set up, there won't be a trigger to grant the badge retroactively.

Unfortunately it is not possible to uncheck and check the "Mark as complete" button for that specific lesson. Kajabi does not register it as a new completion.

There is a manual workaround: You can manually grant the missing badges to those students who have already completed the lesson but did not receive the badge. This process can be a bit time-consuming, especially if you have a large number of students.

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