What's the difference between Gamify Pro Momentum and Gamify Pro Premier?

Gamify Pro Momentum is built on the Kajabi Momentum template, while Gamify Pro Premier is built on the Kajabi Premier template. The main difference between Gamify Pro Momentum and Premier is the layout and organization of the course content.

Gamify Pro Momentum uses a left sidebar layout and is designed to accommodate different types of modules such as lessons, resources, live sessions, and more. It provides a structured and organized approach to presenting course content.

On the other hand, Gamify Pro Premier follows a curriculum-style layout with modules labeled as Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, and so on. This layout is ideal for courses that have a linear progression or sequential structure.

In terms of gamification elements and features, both Gamify Pro Momentum and Premier offer the same capabilities. The difference lies primarily in the layout and presentation of the course content.

You can experience both templates in the demo of Gamify Pro and in the Gamify Lite version in your Kajabi app.

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