What is Kajabi Timeline Funnel?

Kajabi Timeline Funnel is a powerful tool developed by Jiffy Courses Online, designed to enhance your sales strategy by incorporating time-sensitive offers for each individual lead on your website. This innovative tool includes a set of two highly programmed templates: an opt-in page and a landing page that interact with each other.

With Kajabi Timeline Funnel, you can create a unique and personalized timeline for each member of your audience, triggering their sense of urgency and motivating them to take action. The opt-in page and landing page work in tandem, allowing you to deliver timely offers and bonuses that resonate with your leads at various stages of their engagement.

The best part is that Kajabi Timeline Funnel is fully integrated with Kajabi, eliminating the need for external tools. It's easy to set up, providing you with a seamless and efficient way to boost your sales and create a compelling user experience for your audience. By leveraging Kajabi Timeline Funnel, you can optimize your sales funnel and drive higher conversions without the hassle of external integrations.

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