I get an error while uploading the template

If you encounter an error when uploading a template in Kajabi, there are a couple of potential solutions:

Option 1: No zip-file after download

Ensure that you have a complete zip-file after downloading the template. Some web browsers, like Apple Safari, automatically unpack zip-files. However, you cannot use the unpacked folder directly. To resolve this, right-click the folder and select "Compress" or "Compress Folder" to re-pack it into a zip-file. It is recommended to avoid using Apple Safari for this process, as it may also have login issues with Kajabi. Switching to browsers like Firefox or Chrome is advised.

Option 2: Error after uploading

If you receive an error message stating that the uploaded zip-file is not recognized, it's possible that you are attempting to upload the file in the wrong section. You should upload:

  • Kajabi Gamify Pro: navigate to products > select your course > customize > install template > scroll down till you find 'upload template'.
  • Kajabi Papers: navigate to website > scroll down till you find 'upload template'.
  • Kajabi Timeline Funnel: navigate to website > pages > landing > wait 5 seconds > upload template.

By following these steps and ensuring the proper handling of the zip-file, you should be able to successfully upload the template to the appropriate location in Kajabi.

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